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Welcome to JFD Office Interiors

REM_4475 Our mission is to ease the commercial design and furnishing process and create business work environments that are aesthetically appealing, while enhancing the client's business practice and day-to-day operation. Our team of planners and designers work side by side with our clients to provide a transparent integrated process. Our products and services are carefully tailored and customized to meet each client's goals and special requirements. We strive to be problem solvers and act as a single point of contact, providing financial balance and delivering maximum value for our clients.



Architecture has the power to inspire, change lives, and enhance community. To that end, we engage in effective public participation and practices thoughtful design.   Through our network of Partners, our process is reflective, creative, functional, and sustainable, bringing our clients ideas to life.   We will help you design space to meet your specific workplace needs for productivity, open communications/privacy, safety, flexibility, and taste, while making each environment as green and ergonomically friendly as possible.  


Our in-house highly trained professional designers will help you create an interior space that meets your needs, space, and office culture.  


Since JFD’s start in 1997, we have specialized in the procurement of contract furniture.  The furniture manufacturers we partner with have a solid history in sustainability, competitive pricing, and environmentally friendly products.


Coupled with contract furniture, JFD provides construction related services.  These services include electrical, voice, data, painting, flooring, and demolition.

IT Services

JFD can help you to create a space that will reflect your corporate image.  IT services is the backbone of most networks and telecommunication infrastructures.  Phone systems, networks, video networks and security systems require properly installed equipment to communicate with each other consistently.  

Building Maintenance

JFD’s Building Services Division incorporates the restoration of existing furniture and the maintenance of working environments.  Restoring existing furniture allows our clients to keep and maintain what they already have.